Q&A: Nicolas Wong | Student

What are some things you enjoy doing as a bible college student?

I’ve enjoyed learning God’s word as a student. This generally comes from what I learn from classes, but also from the assignments and class discussions.

This means that I’ve had to learn that being humble is a good thing, since I’ve been humbled as my wrong ideas were corrected. However, this training is to help me to know God more so that I can teach his word more faithfully.

What are some difficulties you’ve experienced studying at ETC Asia?

I feel that the workload is heavy, and my overall load does feel heavier when I include my family commitments.

I want to understand the different subjects more for myself since I do want to know God more and how to serve his people better, and this means that I do try to put more time and effort to understand them. However, there usually comes a point in each semester when I get too exhausted, and I have to rest more.

I do appreciate the help I receive from my schoolmates. We pray for each other and try to help each other out in studies. I also appreciate that my church has prioritized my studies by reducing my ministry workload.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on my thesis, “The Function of Elihu in the book of Job”. This thesis is an excuse for me to study things that I don’t understand: namely the whole book of Job and the role of Elihu.

What I’ve learnt so far is that the book of Job is about true wisdom. Wisdom is about understanding how God works in the world and the right response to him.

Job’s suffering led to a long discussion between him and his friends, where they pit their “wisdom” against each other. While Job is righteous at the start of the book and is rightly insists on his innocence, his understanding of God and response to God becomes increasingly arrogant towards God.

Elihu then comes onto the scene. In correcting Job’s wisdom, he corrects both Job and his friends, and anticipates God’s answer. It’s only then does Job understands God’s majesty and mercy again does he respond in humility.

The main problem in Job isn’t suffering, but suffering can reveal the sort of wisdom that we have. The book of Job then exhorts everyone, those suffering and those not suffering, to understand God who is majestic and merciful, and remain humble towards him.

About Nic

Nic is a final year student at ETC Asia. After graduation, he will be serving God’s kingdom through Bethany Trinity Presbyterian Church (BTPC). He previously worked in customer service with a government agency, and left to be a ministry apprentice at BTPC. He’s married to Corlissa and they have 2 children, with one more joining the gang in December.