Q&A: Joy Kwan | Staff

What do you do at ETC Asia? What do you look forward to doing each week?

I am the Administration Manager at ETCAsia. At this point in time, I have 14 work roles ranging from Board Recording Secretary, Receptionist, PA to the Board, Public Relations, Human Resources, Finance, Legal Support, Tax, Facilities, Purchaser, Librarian, etc.

With God sustaining me daily, I look forward to getting tasks done and ensuring smooth operations for all at college.

What was college life like with the first batch of students?

When the first batch of students started at ETCAsia, they were so helpful and servant-hearted. They genuinely supported me with my multiple work roles in the early days.

I remember one of the students helping to move many library books such that he tore his well worn bermudas in the midst of helping. As he still had lectures to attend, I went to Tekka Centre to buy a replacement bermudas and belt for him. Another time, a student walked to college and the sole of the slippers dropped off. Off to Tekka Centre I went again to get a replacement pair of slippers, while the student walked around in college bare-footed.

Even now, it still is an eye opener for me on how to best support the students: how to encourage students to keep persevering in learning, being challenged by God’s transforming word and picking up skills which will help them in ministry for the long term.

What are you working on now?

Currently, I am working on Charity Compliance, by documenting internal policies to ensure compliance and that internal governance is adhered to, as part of good management practice.

Also, I am exploring various types of technology to reduce the manual effort and arduous nature of some administration tasks.

Relying on God for wisdom and help, where he is still supplying many volunteers with good suggestions to help me, has been good.

About Joy

Joy was formally trained as an IT professional (yes, helpdesk support is available in exchange for a cup of good teh-c-kosong!!) and has worked in many industries including manufacturing, telecommunications, education, non-for-profit and government.

In her latest adventure, she has decided to embark on the exciting role of working for college as an administrator and looks forward to expanding her energies to ensure that things run smoothly.. like well oiled braised pork trotters.