Q&A: Sarah Siew | Student

What are some things you enjoy doing as a bible college student?

I enjoy going to college! There may be a few subjects that I have a soft spot for, but I’d never be able to pick a favourite because every subject is so stimulating and encouraging. It’s been a real privilege to study the Bible and grow in my view of God.

I also enjoy the variety of nourishment and service that has been built into a typical week at college. There is principal’s hour where Andrew and the other faculty preach; chapel that is run by students; and small group time where we pray for one another. The times together in God’s word and prayer are often refreshing, and they strengthen me to follow Christ.

One more thing that I enjoy is compiling a list of articles, books and commentaries recommended by faculty or college mates, and daydreaming about reading every single one of them.

What are some difficulties you’ve experienced studying at ETC Asia?

There is always the temptation to compare myself with my classmates, and to feel inadequate and immature in comparison. I’ve been learning precious lessons about preaching the gospel to myself, fighting sinful thoughts and actions, and pursuing God’s glory instead of my own.

Another difficulty is that fatigue usually sets in during the last month of the semester, and it gets harder and takes longer to write any more words. Rest gets patchy, personal Bible reading and prayer are extremely tempting to drop, and people who I usually feel privileged to serve start feeling like a burden. So it’s been an ongoing exercise each semester to be aware of my pressure points and to develop good habits and a disciplined lifestyle.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on my Ministry Experience report. Ministry Experience requires us to bring to bear on a particular subject matter both pastoral principles and skills alongside and together with relevant Christian theology.

This semester I got more involved with the young adults ministry at church, and in this report I reflect on what has been done so far, and three particular areas that require further thinking: personal work (or 121s), leaders training, and women’s role in ministry.

I’m also working on my thesis, which is on what the Bible says about sexuality and how this should shape the way Christian young women think about purity and intimacy. This is a topic not really talked about in Singapore, so I’m keen to learn how to speak about sexuality from the Bible, so that we may all better understand and live out God’s design and purpose for us.

About Sarah

Sarah is a final-year student at ETCAsia. She is training to be the women’s worker at SMU Christian Fellowship, which was where she grew in clarity about the gospel as a student, and got exposure to gospel ministry as an intern. Her other interests include communications, which she got to dabble in prior to ETCAsia when she did admin and projects in a corporate relations department. She is a member of Mount Carmel Bible-Presbyterian Church.