Preparing Christian leaders for ministry of the Word in the Asian century

Our Vision

Evangelical Theological College of Asia (ETCAsia) exists for one purpose: to prepare godly men and women for gospel ministry in Singapore, Southeast Asia and beyond.

It is a non-denominational college and we welcome students from all denominations and together we hope to serve all churches in Singapore and Asia.

College Update

Presently, we have a total of 31 students studying at the college.

There are 23 male students and 8 female students split across our full time (21) and part time (10) programmes.

We are blessed to have students from around the region:

  • Singapore (24)
  • Australia (1)
  • Cambodia (1)
  • Japan (1)
  • Malaysia (1)
  • Myanmar (1)
  • Philippines (1)
  • Thailand (1)

Financial Update

Over the next three years, we will require about $626k per year to run the college.

Our budgeted expenses is as follows:

Total costs: $626k per year

  • Staff costs: $421k (67% of total)
  • Venue costs: $91k (15%)
  • Other costs: $114k (18%)

We expect to receive about $150k to $200k per year in student tuition fees and $155k per year in committed support.

We are looking raise about $300k per year in donations to fund the rest of the annual budget.

Latest update (as of 31 Oct 2019):

Estimated revenue for next three years and total pledges collected so far = $990,000 (or 53% of total budgeted expenses)

Total budgeted expenses for 2020/21/22 = $1,878,000

Please submit your pledge by 31 Jan 2020.

Banking and Contact Details

ETCAsia | Video Introduction

More About ETCAsia

“In the last six months there have been significant changes at ETCAsia. Not only have we taken our third intake of students and increased our numbers of both local and international students. We have also outgrown our premises.

When the college first started all we needed was two lecture rooms, some walls for bookcases of many books and a location from which faculty, administrative staff and volunteers could work. However, since then we’ve added two more fulltime faculty and their books as well as more students.”

Students and Staff | Profiles